Bianca Ford, Legislative Aide

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Richmond–Majority Leader-elect Charniele Herring has appointed key leadership positions within the House Democratic Caucus. The whips and policy chairs will help guide the new Democratic majority through the 2020 legislative session as well as long-term policy goals, and the campaign chair and inclusion officer will work to ensure a diverse, robust, and inclusive caucus in years to come.

Majority Leader-elect Herring announced the following appointments on Monday:

  • Co-Whips:  Mike Mullin (D-Newport News) and Alfonso Lopez (D-Arlington)
  • Chief Deputy Whip:  Hala Ayala (D-Woodbridge)
  • Deputy Whips: Kathy Tran (D-Springfield) and Karrie Delaney (D-Centreville)
  • Policy Chair: Vivian Watts (D-Annandale)
  • Deputy Policy Chair: Cliff Hayes (D-Chesapeake)
  • Campaign Chair: Chris Hurst (D-Blacksburg)
  • Inclusion Officer: Don Scott (D-Portsmouth)

“I am so pleased and proud to announce these appointments,” said Majority Leader-elect Charniele Herring. “These members will be instrumental in carrying out our vision for Virginia as we continue to make history and build a House for all Virginians.”